An online application system used for the Special Program for Employment of Students.

Senior Citizen

An online application for Senior Citizen ID.



Online Payment and Billing of the City Government taxes. This provides a cheaper, faster, and move convenient transaction to customers and stakeholders.


Marriage License

Online application for pre-registration of marriage license application.


An online ID application for persons with disability. Enables the PWDs to apply without going to the City Social Welfare Development Office of this City.


An online application or registration for individual who wants to take vocational courses.


Building Permit

Online application for building permit.


Information and Documentations in relation to Gender and Development.

City Scholar

City Scholars system is an Online Portal for City Scholarships Office and its City Scholars Applicants, Benefeciaries, and Alumni.


Occupation Permit

Automates and computerized the application of workers or employees who are working in the City's jurisdiction.

Business Permit

Automates application and generation of Business permits, computation of taxes and fees, billing, payment, and collection liquidation processes.


There are two online services that the City Health Office offers to the public (Medical Certificate and Health Card).



City Housing and Urban Development Department official website.

Higala App

Higala app is an app that collects personal information of clients and visitors to monitor foot traffic entering a certain service entity (establishment, office, etc.). The collected data will be used for emergency purposes (e.g. contact tracing) following the Implementing Rules and Regulations of Data Privacy Act Rule V. Section 21.d.

land Information

A Land Information System of Cagayan de Oro.


Marriage License Application

Application of Marriage License can be done online. The data stored in the system will be forwarded to the City Civil Registry for records. With client's application for marriage license helps our City Civil Registry track records of applications and releases of marriage license.

CDO Mental Helpline

The Psychosocial's Mental Helpline website. For articles, advices, and PHQ9 Test.

Solo Parent Application

Solo parents can now apply to acquire their solo parent and avail solo parent privileges through online. A controller will be the one to verify, examines, and approves their online application. Once approved, they can claim their Solo Parent ID at a given schedule.



An online application that records travellers (LSI, APOR, ROFW, and alike) for easy assistance with our CDO Tabang Travellers Desk.


Cagayan de Oro's Covid19 Vaccination Pre-registration portal as part of the City's Covid19 Response Plan